Jan 122013

Chachi (IaMmE) and Chris Trondsen interview 9-1 Pact (from Paris) at the Los Angeles auditions for America’s Best Dance Crew. They show some amazing free-style. The crew kids around with Chris and Chachi, talk about seeing Los Angeles for the first time, talk about how the dance scene in France is different than the US, and describe their street style., Thanks to MOVeMEDIAproductions.com for all the filmng and production. Go to BloggingBestDanceCrew.com for all the ABDC news
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  19 Responses to “ABDC7 auditions:Chachi interviews 9-1 Pact w/ amazing free-style demo”

  1. I LOVE PARIS !!! Je taime paris !!

  2. put them in yABDC 8 story

  3. lovem

  4. There amazing!!!-3 Trade them for 8 Flavahs!

  5. I love ya’ll<3

  6. ohh fuckk hella love this crew !!! <3

  7. These shoes are Fila vulc 13 Red, but does anyone know where they sell them with the red lines going from side to side?

  8. ha they were cute…their energy, demeanor, and accents reminded me of Les Twins

  9. WAIT!! I thought it was AMERICA’S Best Dance Crew………..

  10. 9-1 Pact From Paris Wait a minute º.º You know Maryss From Paris…(?) #BeatFreaks ♥

  11. damn there freestyle was good lol

  12. was I the only one who thought of Les Twins when dude was like “we’re from the ‘hood’ in France and we just hip hop dance”…? I was?.. OK cool…

  13. HOLL UP! They have “hoods” in France? xD

  14. LOL that’s a song though.

  15. that wasn’t funny.

  16. sound like awesome people hopefully they make the show next year

  17. the one who speaks…is it Mike Kenli? :D dope

  18. 3:29
    -Car Alarm goes off-
    Guy: Its not me!
    Its like saying, ITS NOT THE BLACK GUY

  19. This is so cutee! Haha