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For downloads and more information visit: IT companies are failing to secure devices connected to the internet, leaving them open to hackers. This shocking report reveals how anything from your pins to your passport could now be accessed online. “Is this your pin? Is this a letter you received from your bank? Do you have a HP e-Print scanner?” The young man answers yes to every question, stunned that all of his information was accessible on the internet for anyone who wanted to see it. And he’s not alone: the wealth of information available is staggering. From shop owners whose security cameras can be watched and controlled remotely, to medical records and confidential documents for international companies like Unilever, Orange and KLM, it’s a bonanza for any would-be hackers. While it would be simple for the IT firms who provide printers, scanners and software to make the system more secure, they don’t see it as their problem and argue that attending to basic safety protocols is a bit of a marketing nightmare. “There are people who know all about how this works, security-wise, but it’s too much trouble to explain all that.” One company went so far as to call consumers who didn’t know they had to change their passwords “idiots”. As the rate of technological change continues at a frightening pace, do technology companies have a duty to prevent our privacy being eroded? KRO
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  15. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! It’s normal to have a default password so less tech-savvy users can login and strengthen their credentials.

  16. whine whine whine

  17. slightly more difficult… it’s like… having no front door, but putting a transparant plastic sheet in front of it… making it “slightly” more difficult to enter the house… indeed… slightly…

  18. And yes FUCK FACEBOOK FUCK M Z If you ask me facebook wouldn’t worth a penny.

  19. Cisco for example has many solutions for network security, but one thing is obvious , if you are not sure or you don’t know how, then ask! Ask for help, and pay for such service. Why not to be secure ?????!!!!!!!

  20. You can’t blame manufacture companies, nor anyone who has anything to do with product such as HP Iomega and others. Yes this is a huge problem but people should get educated or simply pay experts to set those peripherals (encrypt, configure, make it secure and accessible ) , figure this things out for them. I used to work for CompUSA as a salesman and personally have much success to sell services such as complete set up from expert (our service) for costumer.But many didn’t care at all!

  21. Facebook, man, that’s the most ingenious privacy invasion of the century. Get people to reveal information about themselves.

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  23. LOL

  24. idk but being unable to set a password will help to thin the herd

  25. Why is the narrator whispering?

  26. Did you know that you can fortify your password by typing it into a comment box next to “?fortify=1″? I did it, and saved $700 a month!

  27. It’s built to be easily hacked. Look at the antivirus programs, they can only deal with KNOWN threats and that’s for a very good reason!!

  28. wow, so problem is when government buildings start to get these e-printers and they are scanning your drivers license or SIN # … then you’ve been hacked!

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  32. Next time run the subtitles through a grammar checker.

  33. nothings safe and who fucking cares – you have been conditioned to think that when you die its over but im telling you thats not the case. they control people based on the idea that this life is ‘it’ – and that is total bullshit

  34. 30 million gigabyte?! you mean 30 petabytes right?

  35. It’s actually kinda smart to make it a opt-in responsibility for the customer because if they made it an opt-out configuration they open themselves up to liability for the effectiveness of the password security; it will be hacked by someone.

  36. The subtitles are annoying if youre from the netherlands :D

  37. yea, trying to hang a hacker just for peeking in windows. Well, close youre damn windows people.

  38. WOW just because you are reporting on accessing devices with default usernames and passwords doesn’t make it legal. I would make a criminal case against this reporter as they broke several laws as its stated in the Electronics and communications Act. As soon as you try and access devices that is not your property the owners can press charges.

  39. On top of that:
    (Quote from video) “HP could easily have given them password security in the factory”
    Usually when this is done, every unit has the same password, making is just as useless as no password, as the default password can easily be found online.