Feb 102013

In this part of the Episode we cover: Honour start with horsemen units. Unit Supply explained. Some patch changes and how they affect the luxury sales process in the early game. … Follow me on twitter: @MadDjinn Check out my blog: blog.maddjinn.ca Hang out Live on twitch twitch.tv

The Ultimate Arcade Machine is finally here and it has pretty much every game ever made! Get a look at Jace’s new toy and its insane features! Also, a bad ass female fighter takes on a succession of foes and Resident Evil star Boris Kodjoe secretly auditions to replace Jace as host of the show without even knowing it. Want to watch this episode in 3D? Click here: www.youtube.com Subscribe to START for more original programming: ‪www.youtube.com Follow Jace Hall on Twitter: ‪www.twitter.com Visit our Facebook page: ‪www.facebook.com Read the blog: ‪www.jacehallshow.com Get ALL the Jace Hall Show music for FREE on our SoundCloud page Cast: Jace Hall Todd Roy Jack Thompson Boris Kodjoe Amy Johnston Darren Bailey Vonzell Carter Brendon Huor Al Pitman Nick Benseman David “Dax” Bauer James Young Adam Radick Christopher C. Cowan (camera op/editor) Stephen James Murray (2nd camera op) The Ultimate Game Machine built by: ArcadesRfun.com Jack Thompson The Ultimate Game Machine powered by: HYPERSPIN www.hyperspin-fe.com BadBoyBilly and team! A worldwide community of a gamers, artists and technicians who’s countless hours of programing makes these machines work.

  25 Responses to “Beyond the Monument – Episode #9-1”

  1. Use compasite bowman and horseman is a better way to conquer you’re neighbour

  2. I think the answer was ‘no’ to horses counting. It’s based upon the class types, of which melee includes the warrior->longsword line and the spear/pikeman.

  3. Did u find out if horse units count as melee for the purpose of the honor tree bonus?

  4. No problem :)
    I hope you understood it even though I see there are a lot wrong spellings in there.

  5. thank you :)

  6. I cannot find them either. But of you launch Civ 5 over Steam:
    Go to the game in the library –> Right click the game –> Choose update new (or something like that) then you will se a very BIG list.
    Hope you got it :)

  7. yeah, the Celts can do just fine with that strategy.

  8. are the Celts suitable for an early pillaging rush? since their uu can pillage at no movement cost, gets faith for killing, and a fighting bonus outside of friendly territory… and their ua means they will get a pantheon without any focus on religion.

  9. the militaristic CSs give a unique unit, when allied at you have the tech, of a civ that isn’t in the game.

  10. Thanks for uploading this.

  11. Do someone here have a link to the change log for the civ 5 patch?

  12. Man, I missed the stream again 

  13. Hey man, that clip was old, wtf? Dont you know this movie came out like 2 years ago? Todd has huge pecs!

  14. No pinball? Ultimate Arcade Machine = FAIL!

  15. why did all those red boxes in the beginning?

  16. Mame alone would be a nightmare.

  17. so how screwed would the person be if the piracy police wanted to crack down on this?

  18. Hell for 1,000, you could have a better controller deck system for your big HD tv. Same thing minus the cabinet part.

  19. 20,000 for this? You’ve got to be kidding me. No more than 7,000 max to build this with a nice profit on top of it. What a ripoff. The only thing special about it over other mame cabinets is the extra hardware setup to play the newer consoles, maybe an additional 100.00 in parts there tops. All the other stuff is standard on mame machines these days.

  20. cool

  21. This fighting people from Thousand Pounds Action Company yeaaah!

  22. Game Machine components from China, please contact uirobot@yahoo.com
    From batteries w/ tab to Timing Pulley, from EMI Filter to DC Brushless Motor, etc.

  23. It is a PC.
    Every game on it is in a emulator on a computer. Also, it’s the ULTIMATE Arcade Machine with EVERY game including PC games.

  24. My arcade is bigger 60″

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