Jan 052013

In this part we cover: Honour start with Immortals Small discussion on Medics … Follow me on twitter: @MadDjinn Check out my blog: blog.maddjinn.ca Hang out Live on twitch twitch.tv

  17 Responses to “Beyond the Monument – Episode #9-2”

  1. do you think you’re gonna start another lets play? I really enjoy them and they help me procrastinate haha maybe even a mod for civ 5 if you have the time?

  2. I was playing the huns in one of my last games and although i wipe out about two ai’s early after that i end up burning out and not being able to catch up the the other ai’s tecs. any advice?

  3. If the Civs last city isn’t useful (location/wonders/etc) then you can leave them with the last city. Outright destroying a civ leads to warmongering diplo penalties, so if you still want friends then you should consider leaving civs alive, but broken.

  4. Deity AIs start with two settlers.

  5. Djinn do your recommend destroying Civ’s compleately or keeping them around for research agreements or wahtever

  6. thank you for clarifying, also what is the reason for an AI being able to expand in the first 5 turns? countless times i have found an Expansion of an AI on deity in turn 3-4

  7. they only start with Pottery/Mining/Animal Husbandry on higher difficulty levels. What likely happened was an AI found a tech giving ruin and got Writing for free.

  8. AI starts out with a huge tech bonus (namely everything in the line with library – sailing etc) on higher difficulty levels, not sure tho.

  9. She keeps saying stupid comments about something she thinks she knows and then MadDjinn refutes her the next second. She should take a hint and shut up….=

  10. totally disagree with this comment… i think she was quite a good co-host

  11. Did I see that correctly? An AI civ got the Great Library on turn 23!? They must have received Writing as a free tech from a ruin to get it that fast. I’ve seen turn 27 before but that is crazy.

  12. Love your show!! Been subscribing for some time now and I finally catched up with your latest vids :)

    one question!! does madic’s healing boost apply also
    when units are healing from pillaging?

  13. *she sorry 

  14. I think he is hilarious

  15. A culture Lp? I didn’t know that

  16. Rome would be ok with mass puppets as their unique ability would still help the puppets. Given that puppets don’t use production focus, it may help them get the buildings a bit faster.

  17. most annoying co-host ever. always talking, no clue, alway trying to wisecrack… obnoxious!