Jan 212013

GAMING CHANNEL – youtube.com DRAG CHANNEL – youtube.com Please Like, Share & Subscribe!! Hot on the heels of his nationwide motivational speaking tour, Embro Watson is back with his latest program, it is a cash gifting scheme that is sure to make you richer and more successful than you ever dreamed. Do you wish to own multiple homes, boats, women and laundry baskets? Stop sitting on your keister and give Embro a call today! Sign up and then get 5 people to sign up under you and so on and so forth! Pretty soon, KARMAA will be kicking in for YOU! Pablo Moms — youtube.com Camera Used – Canon Vixia HF S200 Editing Done in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Wassup ya’ll it’s ya boy Lulu aka Jessica Who? (My Drag Alter-Ego) TWITTER – twitter.com FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com GOOGLE+ – gplus.to TUMBLR – jessicawhohd.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM – http PINTEREST – pinterest.com BLOG – jessica-who.com PERSONAL FB – http Thank you so much for watching!! Photos – www.flickr.com www.flickr.com www.flickr.com www.flickr.com “Is Cash Gifting a Scam” “Pyramid Scheme” “Get Rich Quick Schemes” “How to Make Money on the Internet 2013″ “Free Government Money” “Making Money Online 2013″ “Step by Step” “Motivational Tools” “Finance Coach” “Susie Orman” “Mad Money” “Investing Tips” “Sign Up Free” “Investment Scandal” Interest “Stocks and Bonds” “Infomercial Parody” “Real Estate Selling Infomercial” “Cash Gifting Programs 2012 2013″ “Cash Gifting Expert” “Cash Gifting Proof” “Pyramid Scheme Documentary
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  27 Responses to “Cash Gifting Step by Step Program Pyramid Scheme Scam (PARODY)”

  1. loll

  2. Awesome! Where do I sign?

  3. you’re broke cuz ur lazy… we work hard to achieve success

  4. LOL this video was great, god knows i could use some good karma, where do i sign up…… lol j/k

  5. lol is this real if so this is funny is hell

  6. @LaughWithLulu No problem dude I always love the videos! :)

  7. Thanks buddy!! Really appreciate it :)

  8. Haha that was awesome! You may be wondering when it’s gonna work out. Well, it will build up your karma spirit, and the universe will repay you somehow, someway… eventually. :P

    Another great video! :)

  9. :)

  10. Embro is a master con artist

  11. :)

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  23. the render looks great, high def and good brightness

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  26. hey good video , i think i am going to change my formation to 4-1-2-1-2 like yours, i would like to know your opinion about your RM and LM ,are they more atacking midfielders? o are they more defensive midfielders? or both?because i love playing with to wingers but i like a lot playing with to strikers and behing a CAM so i think its the best formation for me, so tell me if they attack a lot or they get up a lot and down to midfield to?

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