Jan 192013

THIS ISN’T TODAY’S VLOG. READ HERE – You guys asked to show more clips of the mail we get being opened, however – since there is so much of it you said we should put it in a separate video. That way we can show more stuff! Please remember guys, you DON’T need to spend money on us! We love artwork, letters just as much! Please save your money for yourself! :) Today’s vlog (Day 839) can be seen by clicking here: youtu.be

In association with All Money In & Skee Music, KR3W presents Nipsey Hussle: Up Close. Director Matt Alonzo provides an in-depth look of the rapper’s experiences while on tour in Europe. Go behind the music and backstage during his recent TMC European tour and shows in Paris, London, Canne, & more. Prepare for a new Nipsey Hussle project releasing this Summer! Download TMC here bit.ly Follow us @NipseyHussle @KR3W_Denim @SkeeTV @DJSkee @MattAlonzo www.skeetv.com kr3wdenim.com www.slausonave.com
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  45 Responses to “CHEESEBURGER GIRL!! (Open Mail 8.17.11 – Day 839)”

  1. Did you guys move?

  2. Sorry Char, But its FRAGILE: Must be ITALIAN!

  3. marley royel bitch and zoey the other one

  4. 5:00-5:07 Alli doesnt soun impressed sound like she doesnt like it. LOL

  5. Sorry for ruining all of your ears with the air horn I sent Charles!

  6. before this i just watched a mail vlog were charles made the fragile joke and talked about the dodgeball picture

  7. I had missed these:)

  8. Charles: tampons?! :D
    lol ctfu!

  9. When charles set the horn off my dog who was asleep woke up and stared at me like he was going to kill me.

  10. yes you have i still have not heard the cover

  11. nope sorry my bf owns my soul and i own his. we signed a contract. no rlly

  12. thats Mummitrollet :D heeheh

  13. my soul is gone omg l replayed that like 8 times

  14. 0:58 PVP SAAAAAAAN!!!!!

  15. mail vlog welcome to the mail vlog

  16. alfie just gave them a gift in the newest mail vlog

  17. hahahah my dog freaked out from the high pitched noises :P

  18. its a boner from the back and a penis from the front lol


  20. 7:36 I have the same car i bought when i got off work (it was for my dad for X-mas but he didnt want it so i kept it)

  21. I love mail vlogs! :) The ad that just popped up on the video was the moms view :)

  22. “It’s a giant gummy bear. Of course I would eat it.”

  23. new hampshire FTW

  24. Your the realest in it much love Nip

  25. what song is tht @ 5:50 ??

  26. best and realest artist

  27. Eternal Technique & Nipsey Hussle…best underground artists with substance in 2013

  28. He got pretty hair what he mix with

  29. He a real nigga

  30. Nipsey Hussle - Road To Riches

  31. whats the song that starts at 1:20

  32. TMC outro

  33. TMC outro

  34. whats the song at the end?

  35. 9:15 whats the name of that song?

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  37. Moneyside

  38. my dad looks juz like him

  39. “Run a lap”

  40. he coming to charlotte dec 29th

  41. whats the song that starts at 4:00 between 4:46? its got a sick beat.

  42. one of the most intelligent MC’s. Nipsey come to Asheville NC!

  43. yo nipsey lets do this song boy love is love

  44. whats the name of the song at 6:50?

  45. You aint gotta tell me homie i already know cuzz, im going to go cop that victory laps and that Ampichino and Rich The Factor!!!!