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Time to rant since it’s been a good while since life’s been busy between work, music, and so on. Hope you enjoy this video. [Youtube Layout Videos You MUST SEE!!!] “YouTube’s New Layout SUCKS!” www.youtube.com “Smaller Channels Are Fucked” www.youtube.com “NEW YOUTUBE REACTION” www.youtube.com…
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  37 Responses to “ELECTRO& HOUSE 2012 DANCE Mix #57”

  1. dj antoine I M ON YOU

  2. You don’t have the right on the copyright from this video.

  3. 45:20 ???

  4. who is this woman ?

  5. It’s So Cool
    <3 <3

  6. Sisi

  7. what the song at 39:50?

  8. song at 30:10?

  9. Yeeaah nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga

  10. I love the music hous and y dance the music.

  11. Is nice !!

  12. nou! This is nice !

  13. 5:38 I would like you to realise that “Not” jokes are not funny, and it’s been done to death since 30 years ago.

  14. YouTube has signed a deal with UMG that allows UMG to remove videos that they don’t even own. I’ve sent many counter-notifications to UMG for removing videos that I’m sure they don’t own but YouTube doesn’t even bother to send the messages to the claimants. When I sent them an email about this ordeal, YouTube gives me an error and says that my message was not received and is spam. YouTube & Google are both BS. They only help the rich get richer.

  15. Its February 2013, I might as well add myself to the bandwagon as well. I am usually patient towards change but after several months of using this new layout; it completely sucks. Each day the content gets worse. On a daily basis I lose subs and get updated info on subs that have made a video or comment over months to a year. WTF?? YOUTUBE definitely sucks.

  16. I use google chrome and tried to get the new layout back, but it won’t let me now, dang!

  17. The idea of Google staff members trolling our videos is kinda scary if you think about it.

  18. 1 dislike = Google staff member.

  19. 1 DISLIKE XD

  20. Somebody give me the names of the designers, and lets go on a killing spree

  21. Using other sites is great too. I upload videos onto BlipTV as well but right now there’s no competitor website that’s on the level of Youtube so to a degree we still have to use this site until another site takes over.

  22. Youtube has taken all of the functionality of the site and completely destroyed it in an attempt to MAKE people use the site how GOOGLE wants them to use the site.
    I used ‘browse’, ‘tvshows’ and the recommended videos to find new content.
    Who wants to click on a channel they’ve never heard of?!!
    If someone is willing to seek out a solution to get the old layout back they must really dislike the new one so why patch it? Just let them have it.
    I’ve already started using other sites.

  23. Conclusions of youtube’s philosophy:
    Users don’t search; therefore no “most watch”, “most recent”, “highest rated”…filters
    Users don’t know what you klick on; therefore still no rating on thumbnails,..
    User let me suggest what you already know over and over again
    OH yes and F your integrity now every one who uses your computer will know that you have been looking at on youtube by the suggestions
    (also no option of “preloading videos” for people with low Internet speed,.. )

  24. Damn that sucks :( Well I post videos on BlipTV as well just in case videos get taken down on this site.

  25. i dont understand. ive clicked on this video and it wont play, and many of the other videos ive attempted to view wont play either. is there another site that i can go to to watch videos and documentaries. 75% of everything i click is just a sitting blank screen. youtube has become such a disappointment.

  26. Big inconvenience.

  27. 1:37 is exactly why i hate the new layout

  28. Why can’t I delete and change order of videos in a playlist while viewing the playlist. Also, why can’t I move videos from one playlist to another? Why did they takes those out?

  29. Bring back the old layout, it was so simple, this new layout just sucks, I hate it, there was no reason to touch it, I agree with “lovelydiva06″ leave the damn thing alone, stop playing around with it, morons.

  30. Appreciate that very much man m/m/

  31. I’m going to sub all the channel you linked just on the off chance they produce something I may be interested in it’s in my sub box just to help aid against this clusterfuck.

  32. 100% agreed. It just pisses a lot of people off with the constant changes more than helps them out.

  33. Now Youtube put a messages tab where you know that you have a message. Hopefully they will add a comments tab. Now if they can just add the button: Add as a contact. Once that happens, we’ll be set somewhat.

  34. Im getting that also, its annoying having to check my inbox all the time to be told i have comments and stuff.

  35. youtube needs to just stop changing shit, just stop, let the got damn layout stay the same for awhile, how the hell are we ever gonna get use to a layout if you keep changing it all the damn time, just leave it alone, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it but i gotta say, this is the worst one yet, it looks like a bad or wrong code was put in the programming and it turned out like this and they said fuck it, terrible, just terrible, just bring the old one back and leave it be for awhile

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    ELECTRO& HOUSE 2012 DANCE Mix #57 » Blogtopia…

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    ELECTRO& HOUSE 2012 DANCE Mix #57 » Blogtopia…