Dec 262012

Starting on the Endless diff level as the Amoeba in a Spiral-8 Large galaxy with 7 opponents. … Follow me on twitter: @MadDjinn Check out my blog: Hang out Live on twitch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  8 Responses to “Endless Space – SP Play – Endless Amoeba 1”

  1. For better quality go to his twitch channel and search for Amoeba

  2. The problem with your dislike of custom factions is that those traits actually do cost you. Say you spawn next to hissho or cravers and they start invading your colonies. Sure, optimal structure helps, but in those early wars, the extra cost it adds can be a problem for ealy-game production.

  3. you shall not pass i think is a reference of worl war 1 from ageneral Petten when the German take control of a French fort i dont remember the name of the fort and they call general Petten and he say they shall ot pass and he stop the Germans in their tracks

  4. Why is the quality so bad

  5. What is Endless Space? I’ve never seen or heard anything about it except on your channel(s).

  6. Ouch what a painful start. Did you really need to take Foris? Won’t it just leave you pissing off the Sowers, Pilgrims, Sophons and Cravers? Still, this map looks really interesting. Can’t wait till next Monday!!!

  7. twitch and youtube don’t always get along. Likely the 720p got dropped this time due to some minor thing.

  8. Grrreeeeatst quality…..