Jan 182013

Subscribe: www.youtube.com “Gas Powered Stick” After a relaxing day by the lake, the Bravest Warriors meet an extraordinary—and attractive—new friend. As the boys vie for her attention, Impossibear finds a mysterious stick that sprouts unforeseen consequences from Chris’s forehead. Chris discovers that with great power, comes great responsibility—and lots of emotion. Subscribe: www.youtube.com Click to tweet: clicktotweet.com Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Blog: cartoonhangover.com Buy T-Shirts www.welovefine.com Follow on Instagram: instagram.com Google+: plus.ly Trivia Questions: Which voice actor in this episode was featured in “The Bravest Warriors” short from Random! Cartoons? What is Wallow’s weight in Earth pounds? Cartoon Hangover is the home for cartoons that are too weird, wild, and crazy for television. Cartoon Hangover is able to bring great characters, hilarious cartoons, and some of the highest quality animation to the Internet. Written by: Breehn Burns Directed by: Breehn Burns Creative Consultant: Jason Johnson Storyboard by: Carlos Ramos Timing Supervisor: Larry Huber Sheet Timing: Bob Nesler Character Designers: Bob Flynn, Phil Rynda Prop/EFX Designers: Nick Kunin Character/Prop/EFX Clean up: Amy Rogers Background Design: Jojo Baptista, Steven Sugar, Derek Hunter Background Clean up: Amy Rogers Background Painter: Christy Beckert, Mira Lark Crowell Color Stylist: Christy Beckert Storyboard Revisions: David Smith Created by: Pendleton Ward
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  14 Responses to “Gas Powered Stick (Bravest Warriors – Ep. 7 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover)”

  1. 2:17


  2. inb4 Rage.


  3. is this to be continued?

  4. do i dare go 1080??


  6. I KNEW IT! I KNEW I RECOGNIZED IMPOSSIBEAR’S VOICE!!! Twayne from “Ugly Americans”!!!!

  7. wow thats already said and done

  8. it ist a gas power stick it is a peach power stick

  9. “I think you’ve had enough of these chips, i thought you were watching your waste line for me baby”

  10. O.O MY NAME IS CATBUG, What’s yours? :3

  11. Its a show. its about monsters living in america or some shit. but all the Americans on the cartoon are ugly as fuck

  12. lol too funny hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Go beth she is amazing

  14. Are trying to offend Americans by saying that or do you mean legit ugly peoples