Mar 092013

Cancer thought it had IGN’s Greg Miller, but it turns out Greg Miller had cancer’s number all along. Get a update on Greg’s health, and then stick around for an interview with Planetside 2′s Matt Higby about the free-to-play MMO first-person shooter’s launch, numbers and possible console future. LIKE/SUBSCRIBE/SHARE Also, Altano goes over the key elements of Final Fantasy, Drucker destroys Christmas (kinda) and jokes about BioShock Infinite, the NEW new Wii, Bungie’s Destiny, & PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Subscribe to Start: Subscribe to the Up at Noon Playlist: Be in our San Francisco audience: Follow Greg on Twitter: Follow Brian on Twitter: Follow Drucker on Twitter:
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  28 Responses to “Greg Miller Beats Cancer & Planetside 2 Hints at PS4 – Up at Noon”

  1. Congrats Greg

  2. Exactly

  3. There selling it at a loss.
    That means it will cost 400 at most.
    Any higher these days and it wouldn’t sell.
    If it was a 1000 then Sony would be committing suicide.

  4. No bullshit here. Sorry

  5. bullshit

  6. Statistics lead to PS4 being over 1000.

  7. Thats a big investment for something that will last 3-4 years at most
    Better to see if it comes for Ps4.

  8. It costs like 600-800 dollars to buy a PC that can run Planetside 2 on medium-high settings.

  9. well done Greg

  10. lol the nervousness around the PS4 was hilarious, very good episode.

  11. Moron.

  12. they should put ads in their loading screens

  13. Wow for a cancer patient you’re an inspiration !!!

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  19. Matt Dannevik FTW!

  20. you can still just subscribe to the show and unsub machinima I just did

  21. Please don’t make channels for a single video series, it’s stupid as fuck.

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  23. Where is weekly show?

  24. Oooh, a channel just for inside gaming? Now I can just subscribe to it and finally unsubscribe from stupid Machinim-oh it’s not really a channel okay nevermind.

  25. nice song bite me….

  26. Here: youtube dot com/show/insidegaming But they just don’t update it often enough. I hope it will change from now on.

  27. y do you not make podcast s any more

  28. THERE IS NO NEW CHANNEL! They’re idiots! Machinima decided to call their playlists channels now instead of using the “show” feature properly and actually keeping it up to date! >.<