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Wayne, PA (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

With the explosion of YouTube as a popular content publishing platform, the accessibility of information online has reached an all-time high with no end in sight. Guitar lessons are no exception, and in fact are actually one of the most common forms of YouTube content.

Seems like lately everyone and their grandma either wants to teach or learn guitar online, says Guitar Control president Claude Johnson. Guitar Control is a growing online company based in Pennsylvania U.S.A. that has been selling instructional guitar DVDs since 2005 and also uses YouTube to promote some of their various styles of guitar lessons presented by a select group of instructors.

Whether a guitarist is looking for rhythm lessons, lead lessons, or something else entirely, they usually don’t have to go any further than their computer.

Johnson explains: Here’s one of our recent videos.

It’s just a basic rhythm guitar lesson, nothing too fancy, but a lot of people appreciate that. It’s somewhat surprising how many folks are just beginners that require really basic info.

In the guitar lesson shown here, instructor Jon MacLennan teaches a basic rhythm guitar lesson. The Guitar Control method always recommends that beginners first learn the basic chords, then chord progressions, and eventually entire songs.

Rhythm guitar has an endless amount of possibilities, so once a student has their basic chords down, it is recommended that they then learn how to play power chords.

Technically, in music, chords have at least three notes, whereas power chords have only two notes. Usually power chords are composed of the root, a perfect fifth interval, and the root note doubled at a higher pitch (octave). Furthermore, power chords can have the 5th note in the bass, this is typically for getting a much heavier sound, which is often used in extreme metal bands.

Most teenagers as well as many others of all ages will instantly love the sound of this.

The examples of today