Mar 042013

Building on work from this post shares how I promote my blogs using social media and other websites
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  4. Thanks Darren–this video was interesting and helps to keep me on track-I appreciate the breakdown to social media and how to drive traffic to my blog.

  5. Very helpful

  6. It was very useful and clear. Thank you very much Derren

  7. I Really Like The Video How I Use Social Media to Promote My Blogs From Your


  9. Hi Darren!

    Thanks for a great video! I am studying marketing and advertising and I am starting to learn the importance of social media and blogs. The information about “Home Base” was really helpful and something I hadn’t given much thought to before. I found this video was very informative and helpful.


  10. this is awesome! social media is the best way to drive traffic to blog/websites.

  11. I really needed this kind of useful info – THANKS

  12. This is a GOOD education for the GOOD Dr. and for all of you that have an idea and you want attention.

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