Feb 042013

Follow Hannah’s easy steps to make your very own bunting! Be sure to check out our WEDDING BLOG: bridedeforce.blogspot.com There’s new content going up every single day! You can also follow Fleur for BEAUTY bits and pieces Youtube: www.youtube.com Blog: fleurdeforce.blogspot.com Twitter www.twitter.com STEP BY STEP: 1. Cut the fabric (40cm from bottom edge) 2. Fold it in Half and smooth it out. Cut off any stray edges 3. Mark along the bottom (every 22cm) and mark along the top (every 11cm) 4. Cut between the markers to make V shapes and cut along the top to separate the shapes. 5. Sewing time! Sew down the two edges of each V shape 6. Turn it inside out and use scissors to push the point out 7. Iron each V shape 8. Take your length of cotton tape, fold it over the rough edge of each v shape and sew it all together! Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

  14 Responses to “How To: Make Your Own Bunting!”

  1. I love this and plan on trying it! Hannah seems so cool and like someone I would love for a friend! Wish I could see her bracelets and know what all they were as I also wear a bunch of bracelets on one arm! 

  2. God your house is beautiful. I love the converted horse stables :)

  3. Love!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much, it looks easy and very professional:)

  5. Great tutorial for a professional looking bunting! How much fabric did you use, and how long was your finished bunting? Thanks!

  6. can someone answer if that is her house? its lovely!

  7. Fantastic!! Thank you – now I can get making!! :-)

  8. I just finished making 8 metres of christmas bunting. It took me 5 hours. I think I have become partially blind as a result.

  9. Holy cow this was a good tutorial, it totally saved my life with my birthday part decorations!

  10. glue will not help as much as sewing…

  11. Wow! so easy and so beautiful! You have the same hands as Fleur! hahah cute

  12. Why so much sewing when they can from construction paper and Elmer’s glue lol

  13. Most brides in the UK don’t really have a maid of honour, just bridesmaids.

  14. I had no idea what bunting was so i didn’t know what she was making until about 3:04.