Feb 022013

How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online: goo.gl — Picking the right niche for your blog is the key to making money online. Learn how to choose the PERFECT niche here! — How To Start a Blog Tips from bit.ly
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  5. Enjoyed video, very informational, just starting, always looking to learn, and I am always looking to network! Thanks for the iformation.

  6. hi Well i clicked on your email link and found myself on your How to start a blog page full of training videos Great will have to watch and follow and learn I am interested in get goods abs niche.and or dating niches any suggestions
    regards peter mcgrath

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  8. Hopefully this video can help people make ends meet from home. Many people fail. Continue the great work!

  9. but what would happen if i got a blog from one of the free websites and i got a lot of traffic ???

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  11. Great tips! If I already know my niche but am still searching for a related domain name that is not already used, is Google Keywords Tools also a great way to search for a domain name for my website? On which of your videos can I specifically find that?

  12. Great Blogging Tips!

    Looking Forward To More Of Your Video’s…

    “Happiness & Success”

  13. ah, but “if you could have only 1″ which would it be. that’s the real question to help you find the one most likely to succeed for you. :-)

  14. absolutly great tips! the thing i have a problem with is finding my niche. i see myself as a fairly diverse person and i dont think i would be able to limit myself to one niche.

  15. btw, go to our actual website (link is above in the video description) – and check out the article “how to start a blog & make money online in 10 easy steps”.

  16. Thanks Sherry, glad to hear it! :-)