Apr 112013

If u have a wish to create and earn some money with your own blog, you are at the right place to learn that. Watch entire series, and you will learn to adjus…
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  14 Responses to “How to use blogger [1/3] 2012”

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  2. Dump the robot voice. I cannot/will not listen to a video using a robot voice.

  3. thanks


  4. it is usefull :)

  5. Your video is very useful. Great Job.
    The voice is kinda funny though.

  6. Sorry. The voice is unlistenable.

  7. I loved the voice

  8. Dude the voice is very annoying. I don’t think I am watching this, because of that!!

  9. Thanks for putting this video up. I’m not fond of the computer voice, but the info is good!

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  13. Thanks Stephen Hawking.

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