Jan 202013

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  18 Responses to “If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This – Afrojacks.flv”

  1. quality man!!

  2. Absolutly awsome, great riding and music!

  3. WhTs the song ?

  4. This was made 2 years ago, the other was “made” 1 year ago

  5. music is good the bikers is very good . Good job guys

  6. I love this shit

  7. Wow Epically Epic

  8. Dude that video was posted after this one!

  9. but this was uploaded before the other video

  10. Thanks for this comment I got quite the chuckle from it! My feelings exactly!

  11. Google “VCA 2010 RACE RUN” its on Vimeo.

  12. 好!

  13. Nah, I’m just getting you some catalogues.

  14. Yes they build things but they aren’t hurting any thing either

  15. “We just go out there and build whatever we can think of”… yea. fuck that.

  16. Do you realize how little environmental damage is done by Mountain Bikes? Its almost non existent. A 1 to 2 foot wide dirt trail through the woods isn’t going to hurt any thing.

  17. Its one of the best bike videos ever 3 love it

  18. Me want!!!! Nice vid!