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  22 Responses to “IGDaily – Crysis 3 Revealed – 4/11/12”

  1. This is the 4th Crysis

  2. right, i realized this as i turned off my computer lol

  3. Hey guys ! Check out my latest video. It’s my new Crysis 3 project trailer :P It’s only 11 seconds long and it shouldn’t waste your time :) The fans will love it <3

  4. origin and ea sucks, nothx

  5. noooooooo its goming in 2013

  6. i know, this was just a joke

  7. its just a game….

  8. Yes!
    Another game that takes place in a war torn Africa!
    Halo 3, FarCry 2, Resident Evil 5, now Crysis 3
    Seriously, not only are Africa’s inhabitants poor and hungry, but these game developers just gotta blow up their buildings and shit, steal their treasure, launch massive alien invasions, and shove parasites down their throats, and don’t forget the stereotypes, Oh God!

  9. yes!
    another game that takes place in a war torn Africa!
    Halo 3, FarCry 2, now Crysis 3.

  10. cool game.
    guys, check out my channel. about windows tutorials and antivirus tests.
    thanks guys.

  11. mhmm….still don’t see the relevancy, but oh well, lets pretend I do.

  12. Its new,and it fits the theme,thats why.

  13. umm…I don’t see your point. I’m not trying to be mean, but I don’t see how it explains the point of having a bow, even when you have something as advanced as a nanosuit….

  14. NVM i i saw this /watch?v=mOrWILZ3pKg&list=UUnH2aaQVPJ9XNRSMU-1D-kA&feature=plcp

  15. where the fuck is the trailer for crysis 3 i swear i saw it it was in the jungle and him using a crossbow

  16. You missed like a white man playing basketball.

  17. System Requirements for Crysis :

    CPU : Intel I6800x
    RAM : 100 gigabytes
    Video Card : nvidia gtx 6800
    HD : 50 terabytes

  18. Crysis 3 should be in kenya

  19. yeah seen that picture too!

  20. On the cover art (wikipedia) The whole place is jungle like and he has a bow.

  21. Yeah Hargreave said it was a billion dollar suit in Crysis 2

  22. Can’t wait