Jan 072013

J-Zone lost his Wikipedia page—and his interest in being a rapper
Everything cost money. AVC: Was the idea to get signed by a larger label or to build Old Maid Billionaires, your label, into a self-sustaining entity? JZ: From a business standpoint, at that point I'll be completely honest, I was looking at what Peanut …
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New Year's Resolution: Be Unforgettable
then why shouldn't you also make a significant investment in building the best brand to represent yourself? I acknowledge that the inner Bill Hicks in all of us … do have to develop your own personal philosophy. Blogging is one of the very best ways …
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it doesn't feel as if it's fleshed out enough (at least there's still a Wishlist feature), etc. but I'm sure things will get better as more stuff is put out so that there's motivation to rework the system. At least it feels a little more intuitive than …
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