Mar 182013

New blog!
starting a blog

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My new year’s resolutions, so far:
✓ Start a blog.

So: I made a new blog: Eldeeemland!

First post

Reminder to everyone: Reverse Engineering Contest III is coming soon! Get working on your submissions if you so desire; I’ll make the announcement February first.
You can consider my new buddy icon to be a mini-challenge to you, to get your brains in gear! :D

Is Landry the start of something for Jaguars?
It's not clear if the Jaguars think Blake or someone on the roster can start or if strong safety now qualifies as another need in Caldwell and Gus Bradley's rebuild. The bigger question right now is whether the move with Landry signals that more moves …
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Starting five: Is it time for a change?
WHY IT COULD WORK: Adding Copeland to the starting lineup gives the Knicks another scoring threat alongside Anthony. This lineup would also force Kidd to the bench, which, again, would benefit the second unit. This lineup could also be more effective …
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Brian Stann starting over in 2013
A lot of progress was made in each of the previous two training camps. Fighters and coaches traveled from Albuquerque to Atlanta last year to help Stann prepare for fights against Alessio Sakara and Michael Bisping. He won the first with an opening …
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