Feb 262013

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  37 Responses to “MAKEUP INTERVENTION!? February 17, 2013- ItsJudysLife Vlog”

  1. i personally dont mind Benji when he says inappropriate things it just makes the videos more real

  2. 10? 15! lol

  3. I’m doing a SEPHORA GIVEAWAY on my channel, which will close when I’ve reached 500 subscribers - I’m 3/4 of the way there! Come check it out!

  4. it isn’t only in America in England our version of Wal-Mart is called asda ( or sometimes asda Wal-Mart ) and me and my dad went in December last year and we saw 2 people in pyjamas and fluffy hats that looked like micky mouse hats ha-ha 

  5. wait ten years, girl

  6. this is why I never take men to the store with me anymore…they nag, are impatient and question the price and need to purchase every little thing. I usually just end up sending them to the car.

  7. sure is right. that was a mascara in the parcel which i got from maybelline last week. but i can tell you one thing, email and your address is enough to get your mascara gift. its worth a try here >> bit.lyYw3Bna

  8. People would never go to the shops in PJs in Hungary. They would be considered totally crazy or something. :D I heard Tesco has some rule against people going there in PJs in the UK though. :D

  9. This was on my birthday

  10. Ahahah im awesome, glad we got that cleared up!! :)

  11. Does benji play rugby?

  12. no no not really just wanted to make sure your okay

  13. could you also do a new revew on the lip stain pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I’m doing a SEPHORA GIVEAWAY on my channel, which will close when I’ve reached 500 subscribers – I’m 3/4 of the way there! Come check it out!

  16. Judy, they have these great new high chair alternatives… I got this fo my baby at 2 mths and she is still using it at 2yrs + check it out, this is a variation of the version I got. The one I purchased reclined to accomodate her young age and it was perfect to feed hercereals etc… its super inexpensive too! I got mine at Babys R Us it wont let me post a link, but here is a description of the like.
    “Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair – Tan Circles”

  17. Do a make up room tour please

  18. jaaaacket for japaaaaan



  21. you should be a model

  22. Hello!! I´m from Spain, I would like to ask if you could you make a video about a typical day in your day, since I go to class in the morning? I would love to know a bit more about the lifestyle of a college kid in california

  23. what`s herro? sorry I’m from Spain and I don´t understand some words

  24. what`s herro? sorry I’m from Spain and I don´t understand some words

  25. you do a lot for a sick person :O when i’m sick, i stay in bed & die

  26. I would die if I dropped a choclate milkshake on my macbook pro

  27. “good thing it was a chocolate shake and not a harlem shake” lmao

  28. Herro Herro Herro prease

  29. why are you guys going to Japan?

  30. Hitch is adorable!!!

  31. maybe turn the music down it’d be a lot easier to hear




  35. Hahaha, you think you’re so cool. I use my old email to use this youtube account so I don’t get spam emails I don’t want. Plus do you even realize why people comment the Herro things? Yeah well check the info box then try and insult me.


  37. PREASE*