Jan 202013

I doubt the Mayans could have predicted the world would end like this… We spent on this video lot of time, so SUBSCRIBE and SHARE this video! SUBSCRIBE bit.ly SHARE bit.ly | bit.ly Download the song on iTunes! itunes.apple.com The people involved: Dreamreaver23 – vocals, lyrics: www.youtube.com Lehz – instrumental, animation, post production: www.youtube.com Nikita – script, SEO, producer, coordinator: www.youtube.com Baldur – modeling, rigging: www.youtube.com Programs used: Cinema4d After Effects Photoshop Ableton Boujou Premiere pro Lyrics: Nighttime is here it all starts again I see alot of mobs spawning in it’s barely dark but its all going down i start to think , well there goes the town Where them mobs at,mobs at? Where them mobs at,mobs at? Where them mobs at,mobs at? Creepers and Skeles, are everywhere Hey,they’re all here and it’s getting crazy with the fires that they just started They wanna boom, explosions, I swear, my golem just died from zombies I’m yelling out on chat, Hey I need some help, and everybody’s invited. Bring your Bow and arrows, A diamond sword would help, they killing everybody. (Need some help) Grab a sword and enchant it (Golem Kill) and some pork if you got it (If you will) battle cry, get it started (NOTCH!!!) We Got it. Spawners are spawning too much creepers spawning too much 10 to one of me, and they all blow up I jump outta reach, we all start to run holla to each other, when’s the sun come up. Night time is here it all starts again
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  19 Responses to ““Minecraft 12.21.12″ – A Minecraft Parody of David Guetta’s Where Them Girls At”

  1. i’m glad too

  2. its funny i already am sub to every one in that video lol

  3. good point

  4. And then died from ender dragon..

  5. 2:57 Lol

  6. hey whats that black giant boss

  7. Hi my russian friend (привет!))

  8. Why would you want to play in hardcore anyway? I am always in creative so i can fly!

  9. not if you play in hardcore mode

  10. Glad we all survived the Minecraft 2012 apocolypse :D

  11. :)

  12. I wished skydoesminecraft were in the video

  13. That would be awesome, but everyone except for like 6 million would die.

  14. this thing was awesome, it would be cool if Minecraft spontaneously leaked into the real world!

  15. i like this song and this is cool but i see a big boss lol :D

  16. Who else picked out every referenced player/spoof maker in the vid?

  17. lmfao! Antvenom’s face at the end! XD

  18. i hope some one builds a portal to minecraft

  19. we get hackers

    yeah some times their cool SOME TIMES