Jan 252013

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  16 Responses to “MY GIRLFRIEND IS A PANDA!”

  1. @Flowerlove3ify

  2. so cute

  3. I love pandas!!!! I’m obsessed with pandas..:*

  4. Ingrid is either 23 or maybe 24. & Luke is 30 or 31. I don’t know when their birthdays are so one of those. o:

  5. I live pandas!!!

  6. Poll I wonder what your neighbors think

  7. How Old Is Ingrid & How Old Is Luke?!

  8. I never thought u too were dating i thought ubwere friends ur an awesome couple

  9. They are like a really normal couple


  11. Your Girlfriend is TOTALLY normal.

  12. I can totally see the difference between cameras. What specific type is the first one?

  13. awe! you are so cute together! Luvin the panda look ingerrrdddd!

  14. actually tostiiieee is mine and my best friends ‘inside’ joke we were inspired by you too :*

  15. i love you two
    you guys look so good together Ingrid looks so good as a panda! :D

  16. haha taking off the fake lashes was so creepy