Feb 022013

Yesterday’s Vlog : www.youtube.com Doing my Husband’s Makeup www.youtube.com NYX Matte lipstick swatches www.youtube.com Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We finally tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here www.youtube.com Itsjudytime Facebook www.facebook.com Subscribe to our channel for daily real life vlogs www.youtube.com Itsjudytime in Spanish! www.youtube.com Judy’s Twitter www.twitter.com Benji’s Twitter www.twitter.com Judy’s Beauty Channel www.itsjudytime.tv Benji’s Food Channel http Judy’s Blog www.itsjudytime.com BlogTV http new phone, samsung galaxy s 3, alderwood mall, h mart, asian market, whole foods, grocery shopping, mom, teaching mom how to use smart phone, honeycomb, pregnancy, itsjudytime, itsjudyslife, itsjudytime vlog, it’s judy time, youtube vlog, it’s judys life, itsjudyslife vlog, judy and benji vlog, video blogging, daily vlog, vlogging, benji, benjimantv, its benjis life, comedy, benji vlog, funny, comedy, newlyweds, married, real life, couple, seattle, relationship, real relationship, life, everyday, reality
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Join me for London Adventures! I’m going to be at the YOUTUBE FESTIVE GATHERING THIS SATURDAY! Come and meet me and lots of other YouTubey people! Here’s all the info: www.facebook.com The Samsung Galaxy project that Mike & I were taking photos for: samsungcamera.tumblr.com I’m vlogging every day till Christmas! Don’t forget to subscribe for a new video every day! You can also find me here: Talking about BEAUTY – www.youtube.com BLOGGING fleurdeforce.blogspot.com Talking about WEDDINGS http TWEETing from www.twitter.com INSTAGRAM: fleurdeforce Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  38 Responses to “NEW PHONE! – October 06, 2012 – itsJudysLife Vlog”

  1. video on how you make the sinigang!

  2. If I ever see you guys at alderwood mall I would be so excited! I go there sometimes to shop.

  3. I can hear Pocahontas in the background! while she is looking at instagram

  4. Um the labor video was DISGUSTING lol

  5. Hahaha massage your vajaja

  6. @xncrhqj sure is right. this is really fantastic. and i can tell u , i really got shocked when i receive my maybelline beauty kit without any dime @ my home yesterday. i found it here : bit.ly/XtQ7br?=hstmcg

  7. Hello Judy and Benji. Just happen to be watching this video after getting Instagram and following you both in Twitter. But guess what? I have no idea how to use any of it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course Youtube videos with editing. HELP!!!!!! Can you guys do a Social Media/Technology video for Dummies. Really want to enjoy these things. Thanks. Really need help!!!!!!

  8. Ur coconuts look weird

  9. coconuts look so different in england!


  11. samsung s3 :)

  12. I love my galaxy!

  13. we have matching phones!! :D

  14. I love mandu I don’t think I spelled it right but that”s how you say it in koren I think I Iove curry!!!!

  15. NICE!

  16. I love sinigang!!

  17. I don’t know how to whistle too!

  18. In SF fall/winter is like 50-70 degress F and the summer ….. is like 50-60 degress …… it should be switched around :(

  19. What phone did you get judy ?

  20. Over in England it’s like 11 degrees

  21. i just spent 30 minutes looking for which video had benji eating the honey comb.. not a big fan of honey but he makes it look so good and make the honeycomb look so cool!

  22. ” get ready for the jinglee” then awesome dance haha

  23. Well that’s not criticism, lady. And I don’t hate you, I just don’t think you should be allowed near a keyboard.

  24. I love when you say “get ready for the jinggle” :)

  25. Why do you turn your engagement ring under??

  26. Mike’s coat is amazing! :O

  27. You guys are just too funny!

  28. i love your black and white scarf fleur! where is it from?

  29. mike looks soo handsome in that coat!

  30. How are you NOT being a hater? lol you’re obviously alone

  31. playing FIFA? TOP LAD !!!! 

  32. You always have such an amazing time in the jingle!!!! jajaja love u Fleur :)

  33. I wore as pair of those padded ass pants at my cousins hen do….i was dressed as Nikki Minaj!!! hahaha! Theyre fab! xx

  34. wtf is wrong with you, they are the most loves up couple i have ever seen

  35. its like a padded bra….FOR YOUR-ASS

  36. what is mike’s occupation? :)

  37. Its my birthday on the 21st. I turn 15

  38. Only 1 day left to enter my CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!