Feb 272013

Review: Euro Free Style - 9 different styles - Wig Color: #s2704

You can see Aprils review on this wig here: www.youtube.com If you are interested in trying this wig you can find it here: www.elevatestyles.com After Playing with it for some time I really came up with some different cute ways to wear this wig. Hope you guys like it. beautyonblast101.com Use promo code selima77 to get 10% discount 1(877)338-3390 www.facebook.com twitter.com beautyonblast101.blogspot.com Questions? Email me at Selima@beautyonblast101.com

Totally forgot to put this video here! For more info, go to www.eatyourkimchi.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  38 Responses to “Review: Euro Free Style – 9 different styles – Wig Color: #s2704”

  1. Looks great on you.

  2. lmao yoooo!! you are so funny.. lolve your attitude!that shit was funny when u parted it down the middle…. looked like an oompa loompa from charlie and the chocolate factory!!

  3. Lmao! The wig is cute tho, I love blonde weave lol.

  4. How do u keep the wig from lifting help just got mine but it lifts

  5. I like it on you. I’m dark chocolate but I am going to attempt to rock it.

  6. omg out the box it looks like the little elf in the wizard of OZ lol I been checkin this unit out for a minute oh yea yu have made my day n she is a must HAVE….xoxo mama

  7. You hair super silly and real and your eyebrows tell me how to do mines like that they are fab real talk

  8. You are funny as hell… laughed at you.. the wig looks really nice on you.

  9. death lmao im in tears

  10. lmao omg in tears. My wig looked a mess Im one of those who have a peanut head it looked HORRID. I tried girl. I looked like Jimmy Neutron

  11. lol @ your big head comment, I wasn’t sure about this wig until I saw your review. THANK YOU! Gurl you are killing it,

  12. ur great .

  13. Omg..! Yu are soo funny..!!

  14. lmfaooo u is a comedian trust me and the wig luks very nice on you :)

  15. I brought this wig and said the same thing “what the heck is this crap?” Took me two weeks to figure it out on how to make work for me. I wore it maybe three times my butt brought it in 1b. Girl I will wear this in my later years in life. lol I call it my grandma Hattie wig with it’s thick roots. lol You are so silly too by the way!


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  18. can i make Korean food and make a video about it? instead of going outside, bringing my camera and make a video about the restaurant/shop i went? coz…. going to the ‘nearest’ Korea town in my country is REALLY far… and cost a lot of money to actually visit one shop/restaurant…. huhuhuhuT.T i guess the contest isn’t meant for people like meeeeee? ToT

  19. Sorry to hear that. You should visit Los Angeles, California. Reputed to have best Korean food outside of Korea. Actually best Korean food in the world to some, due to best ingredients grown on sunny Californian farms.

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  21. if i go to korea can i meet u guys and spudgy?

  22. So, Simon? How many times did you say ‘Korea’ or ‘Food in this video? :P

  23. awwww that heart for a period issss soooooo cute

  24. *takes hands and claws them down face*
    uuuggh i dont have any korean restaurants where i live…

  25. When I want to eat Korean, I need to drive out of the country, all to way to Germany (Düsseldorf), because there’s not ONE Korean restaurant in Belgium D=

  26. you can eat dolsot bibimbap without the meat in it!

  27. AWESOME!!

  28. ditto except for an old korean couple that lives down the street from me :P

  29. im like 98% sure we have no korean restaurants where i live, only japanese and Thai ones……………….. and as for korea produce idk

  30. I am almost positive that you put this exact same video on youtube or maybe it was on Facebook but I have seen this video before. Also I am pretty sure I am not getting deja vu.

  31. Imma share this on my fb. just to help youz a little. cheers

  32. no korean food in my area T___T

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  34. A perfectly good excuse to go and eat Korean food :D There’s only *one* restaurant in Milwaukee, but it’s a good ‘un.

  35. I’m tempted to enter. However I don’t know anything about korean food, all except “Kimchi” which I’ve never tried before. But I am willing to try out new foods! There is a korean restaurant just 45 minutes away from me. >.>;

  36. im screwed.. no korean restaurant here..no asian store… >.>

  37. I feel like I should do it….is there a certain amount of posts that you have to make?

  38. YESS!!! MUST. EAT. KOREAN. FOOD.IN.KOREA! I’m determind to win!