Mar 052013

Description: Welcome to a brand new show coming to my channel, Yoshi’s Speed Builds! Each week, I’ll take a suggestion of something to build in Minecraft from you guys and see how far/how well I can complete it in only 15 minutes! You can also submit video responses attempting the 15 minute build and at the end, both myself and the community will judge how well out of 10 I did for each build! Here are some more indepth rules: 1. I have 15 minutes to attempt to build the set challenge. 2. The 15 minutes will start as I place the first block down. 3. I will randomly choose a suggested build each episode from the comments. 4. I will choose the build at the start of each episode, so I don’t have time to figure out how to build. I must start immediately and figure it out as I go. 5. If you wish, you can record a video of you also doing the challenge in 15 minutes, and I will upload it as a video response to that episode. 6. At the end of each episode, I will say how I think I did out of 10, and then you can also comment with your own opinion! ———– Official Blog: ———– Official Facebook Page: ———– My Twitter: ———– Music by: ———– Theme Music by: ———– ———–
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  13 Responses to “Speed Builds – Introduction”

  1. How old are you o.O

  2. a mantion with a lava pool and a water slide and a roller coaster going into the lake

  3. Cool story bro

  4. I’m glad I’m a noob :D

  5. Noob :D

  6. IDC

  7. Lol, this proves that you are a child.

  8. Why do I have to. Theres SO many other kids on YT and I watch mostly vids that kids make, Pokemon, LEGO, and Minecraft. Oh and I made alot of good friends on here too

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  10. Child, get off of YouTube

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  12. Are we allowed to ask for something with redstone (maybe no design and abioisly nothing massive)?

  13. you should build a casino