Feb 192013

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  13 Responses to “VANESSA HUDGENS!? February 12, 2013- ItsJudysLife Vlog”

  1. omg!!! I love juniors!!!! My favorite place ever……

  2. I’m doing a SEPHORA GIVEAWAY on my channel – come check it out!

  3. they use thin girls because it’s essentially like using a hanger. you’re able to see the clothes better than you would on someone with a “real” body

  4. trapis or travis :D

  5. Have they ever said their last names?

  6. Just search YouTube for JulieG! You’ll love her! She does tutorials & vlogs on her 2nd channel! She’s sweet!

  7. I want to start drinking ginger tea

  8. Lol! Let the man eat his pizza

  9. Wish benji can put on his clothes…

  10. I love Julie, she is such a positive person

  11. It’s Karlie Kloss!

  12. I’m doing a SEPHORA GIVEAWAY on my channel – come check it out!

  13. It just looks the best on skinny people